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Individual, Couple and Family Therapy

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Individual, Couple & Family Program

Individual, Couple and Family Counselling Services strive to improve relationships, reduce emotional distress and enhance personal well-being. Most of us experience times in our lives when we need help with what we are facing.  

Individual Counselling can be very helpful for:

  • Addressing depression, anxiety and other difficult feeling states
  • Dealing with self criticism, judgements and low self-esteem
  • Adjusting to a new culture
  • Handling work concerns and pressures
  • Coping with challenging life stressors or losses
  • Changing problematic behaviours (e.g. over eating, smoking)
  • Improving relationships with others
  • Maximizing personal growth and potential
  Couple Counselling:
  When a relationship is in trouble it is important to seek help. Currently, 38.3% of all Canadian    
  marriages end in a divorce ( Statistics Canada ).  Unfortunately, on average couples wait 6 years       once problems develop before accessing counselling services.

  Couple Counselling can help with:
  • Developing more connectedness and emotional closeness
  • Understanding your partner, their thoughts, feelings and behaviours
  • Building effective communication
  • Resolving and learning how to have successful conflicts
  • Managing relationship issues when there are irreconcilable differences
  • Coming to terms with and moving beyond affairs and other emotional injuries
  • Co-parenting effectively, even when you disagree
  • Deepening and strengthening an already solid relationship.
  Family Counselling:
  Given the busy lives people lead, maintaining and building healthy family relationships can be  
  challenging. Whether you are raising kids on your own, with a partner or with extended family,
  parenting can be tough at times.

  Family counselling can provide assistance with:
  • Learn to communicate more effectively with your kids
  • Encouraging cooperation with respect to chores, mealtimes, schoolwork, etc.
  • Building successful stepfamilies
  • Promoting positive relationships between brothers and sisters
  • Finding solutions for difficult or disruptive behaviour 
  • Resolving and negotiating family conflicts
  • Handling separation and divorce ina respectful way 
  • Keeping the lines of communication open with your children during the immigration and settlement process
  • Coping with extended family
  • Finding quality time to have fun as a family
  When seeking counselling for yourself and your children we ask that the parent(s) attend the first
  session without their children. (Childcare is available at the Walk-in clinics to make this easier). We
  do this in order to determine custody and how to proceed in the best way for all involved.  If you
  are separated or divorced you will be asked to bring legal documentation outlining custody
  agreements to this first session. 

  Clients seeking Individual, Couple or Family Counselling in Brampton and Mississauga access
  services first through our Walk-in clinics.  Learn More


Our services are currently available in the following languages:

   Additional languages may be available through our Practicum Training Program.

 If you are interested in our counselling programs please call and speak to a caseworker at:  905-450-1608 ext. 112.