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Partner Abuse

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   Our Partner Abuse Program provides comprehensive programs for families experiencing violence at    home:
  • Support groups for women who have been assaulted by their partners
  • Groups for men who have assaulted their partners through the PAR program
  • Individual and family counselling for women and men who have experienced abuse by their partner
  • Groups for children and youth exposed to abuse through HEAL Network Services.
  Quick Access
  Provides 1-6 counselling sessions to partner abuse survivors. Sessions include crisis intervention,
  safety planning, advocacy, referral and assessment of need for further service. There is usually no
  wait list for this program.

  Whether seeking Quick Access or Regular Stream Partner Abuse counselling in Brampton or   
  Mississauga, clients  first access services through our Walk-In clinics.  Learn More 

Regular Stream Counselling

Sometimes the preparation required to initiate and manage change takes more than a new idea or fresh way of seeing things. It can require time and energy to develop the understanding, ability and skills to take the steps towards change that we desire in our lives.

In order to respond to the variety of issues that clients bring to counselling, as well as promote the kind of change clients wish to achieve, Catholic Family Services of Peel-Dufferin offers a longer-term counselling option. This way of working can allow greater time and energy to be spent in the therapeutic partnership.

Women Supporting Women

  In collaboration with Catholic Crosscultural Services, the Women Suporting Women groups
  are provided in Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu.

Women Supporting Women is a first stage group for women who are experiencing abuse (emotional, physical, sexual, financial and/or spiritual) in an intimate relationship. The groups provide a safe place for women to come together and get support and information about:

  • Safety Planning
  • Managing stress and self care
  • Legal and housing information
  • warning signs of abusive patterns
  • Healthy relationships

Women Supporting Women is a closed group that runs for 10 weeks.

There is no fee and childcare is provided.

Becoming Visible

Becoming Visible is a second stage, closed group for women, providinga therapeutic format to support participants with the impacts of abuse, both past and present.  This program assists women to:

  • Give voice to their stories of abuse
  • Explore their experiences through creative arts and experimental learning activities
  • Connect with various aspects of themselves, each other and the community
  • Experience mutually supportive, healing environment