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Active Families Healthy Families Low Income Resources

The Active Families Healthy Families Low Income Resources document aims to inform parents of resources and or subsidies within the Peel Region that will help assist families participate in physical/recreational activities.

Physical activity is  a very important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and healthy relationships. This resource document will provide a guide to families of available subsidies that are available in the community.

Click here for document: Resource Subsidies
Click here for Recreation Resources List, 2015

Building a Strong Foundation: Evaluation of the Safer Families Pilot Project.
October 3, 2005 (PDF)

Study of the Efficacy of the Pathways to Competence Groups with Women Who Had Experienced Violence in the Home.
May 2005 (PDF)

This report summarizes the results of two Pathways to Competence parenting groups that were provided for women with children (ages 0 – 6) who had experienced abuse by their partners and/or abuse as a child in their families of origin. The program’s Group Leader Manual is based on the book Pathways to Competence: Encouraging the Social and Emotional Development of Young Children by Dr Sarah Landy. The groups were delivered by Catholic Family Services Peel Dufferin in partnership with the HEAL (Helping End Abuse for Life) Network.

The results of the evaluation of the Pathways to Competence groups are very encouraging. Significant effects were found on pre- and post-tests for a number of the variables targeted by the group intervention with almost all measures showing improvements. When the groups were followed up 6 months later the results indicated that almost all the improvements were maintained and in some areas the mothers continued to improve.

The Pathways to Competence program shows significant promise as a parenting group for women who have experienced violence in their relationships. It could also be used preventatively to enhance the sense of competence of women who have grown up in violent situations and to enhance their parenting interactions with their children and consequently the developmental outcomes of their children.


Trauma can be seen as an all purpose word for what happens when your world is turned upside down. In the field of mental health "trauma" refers to an experience (single event or ongoing experience) that is emotionally painful, distressful, or shocking, which often results in mental and physical effects.   Learn More

Results of a study on Mindfulness Based Trauma Counselling (MBTC)

MBTC is a group program that combines mindfulness meditation and trauma informed counselling. Participants in the MBTC program cultivate the wisdom and compassion practices of mindfulness that assist them to remain in contact with their experiences. This enhanced ability to stay connected empowers women to deal more effectively with the impacts of trauma and the intrusions of these impacts in their current lives.  MBTC Study

Central West Concurrent Disorders Network

Central West Concurrent Disorders Network is now live!  

   The website can be accessed online:  http://centralwestcdn.ca and http://www.centralwestcdn.ca.