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    The Honourable William G. Davis Centre for Families
    60 West Drive, Suite 201, Brampton, ON L6T 3T6

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    2227 South Millway
    Unit 202, Mississauga, ON L5L 3R6

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    Dufferin Child and Family Services
    655 Riddell Road, Orangeville, ON, L9W 4Z5

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    18 King Street East, Unit D8,
    Bolton, ON L7E 1E8

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Success Stories

Serving people of all faiths and backgrounds.

We have many successes at CFSPD everyday. Here is what some of our clients say about what we do and how we help.

Client, Walk-In Counselling:

“I was struggling with so many stresses in my life. I was frightened to talk to anyone. Catholic Family Services of Peel Dufferin provided a safe place for me; safe enough to start talking and trusting. I was being emotionally abused and then physically abused. I felt like I was always walking on eggshells. I was afraid and felt alone. It was at Catholic Family Services of Peel Dufferin that I learned how to keep myself safe. They helped me set up a safety plan. They helped me rebuild my life starting out with a safe place to live and then helping with connecting me with employment services so that I can feel independent. Without the help of Catholic Family Services I don’t know what I would have done. I learned I was not alone and there were a lot of resources and help to assist me through healing and building my life again. Thank you for helping me through the dark times in my life and helping me see that there is indeed hope.”

Client, Ongoing Individual Counselling:

“I’d just like to write in to say how grateful I am for your program. I immediately felt safe from the very first call I made to inquire about your services. I am especially grateful for Jane who has provided me with such great support, understanding and compassion. She has the great ability to help me uncover and discover many things I did not even know about myself. Jane is helping me so much in ways to cope with the many stresses in my life. Jane has helped me acknowledge, identify and cope with emotions such as anger, resentment, hurt and sadness.

I finally have someone who is really listening to me, understanding me without judgement and genuinely caring that I get better to improve the quality of my life. CFSPD provides for me a sacred and safe space where I can share openly without fear or rejection the many private thoughts that I am not able to share with others. In this space I feel nurtured to finally come face to face with what I’ve been running from my entire life. Our sessions provide me with the courage and hope to face what’s been buried deep inside of me the result of which has caused me much distress.”

Client, the HEAL Network:

“This has been of great value to me and my children as we transitioned out of an abusive situation and into a more stable one. The facilitations helped bridge the gap for me and my children to be able to talk about our feelings, our memories and our own struggles from both the past and also in the present. The topics we covered were exactly the themes we need to address in our situation. I really enjoyed the ability to share my story with people who would not judge me, but instead support me and my children. I also gained strength from hearing stories of other women in the group. I saw that the women in the group are wonderful, strong women and felt encouraged by their stories and resilience. I also know that having my children in a group where other children who have experience similar things as them made them feel like they were not alone and helped them to eliminate any feelings of shame or isolation. They have gained great support from this. They have also felt loved and supported by the leaders who have powered them through the length of the program. I am incredibly grateful for this program and would encourage any woman who is in this situation to reach out and get help for her children and for herself! The facilitators in the program are educated, experienced, and very kind people who can hold you up as you get back on your feet again!”

Client, Group Counselling: 

“Me and my son had a rough path in the past. It was quiet difficult to talk about my situation to anyone, the same goes for my son. He was not open to talk about how he feels. I have asked a thousand times what is bothering him. After attending this group, we learned a lot. Life became a wonderful journey. Though there are still ups and downs, I can come out easily from the ‘down’ situation and bring up my son in a positive way. I am thankful for these groups because I learned how to parent a kid who goes between their mom’s and dad’s house; they can be very confused in life.

I met people who are in the same situation, made good decisions and friends. Whenever I feel sad coming to this group, I can discuss here, feel happy and gain my power back. Coming to this group always felt like meeting family and gaining a lot of motivation from others. I am inspired from other people’s stories and it has turned me into a strong women. Me and my son enjoy the activities of this group, we had a lot of bonding. Now by God’s grace, I am in a good place; no fear and no worrying, just taking care of my son in a positive way.

“You should be strong in life, be positive and believe you can achieve anything in life.”